Chinese Love Song "你怎么说" (Ni Zenme Shuo, How Would You Say) by Teresa Teng & Timi Zhuo

Song title:
Nǐ zěnme Shuō  (How Would You Say)
你怎麼說 - traditional Chinese
你怎么说 - simplified Chinese

This song is requested by my member David.
Singer: 鄧麗君 (邓丽君, Dèng Lìjūn, Teresa Teng)

This song is about a lady's feeling to her love, so it's considered a love song. What do you think? Please let me know in the comment. ^_^ 
The lyrics in the video is in traditional Chinese.

歌词, 简体 中文, 拼音 和 英文 翻译:
Gēcí, jiǎntǐ zhōngwén, pīnyīn hé yīngwén fānyì:
Lyrics in simplified characters, pinyin and English translations, the translations are done by the Chinese characters order so the grammar may not be proper:

[ 我 没 忘记, 你 忘记 我
[ Wǒ  méi  wàngjì , nǐ  wàngjì  wǒ
I not forget, you forget me (I did not forget you but you forgot me)

连 名字 你 都 说 错
Lián  míngzi  nǐ  dōu  shuō  cuò
Even name you entirely say wrong (You even say my name incorrectly)

证明 你 一切 都 是 *在 骗 我
Zhèngmíng  nǐ  yīqiè  dōu shì  *zài  piàn  wǒ
Prove you everything all are lying me (It proves that you are lying everything to me)
* 在 zài: in the middle of doing something.

看 今天 你 怎么 说 ]
Kàn  jīntiān  nǐ  zěnme  shuō ]
See today you how say (see how you would say today)

<你 说 过 两 天 来 看 我
< Nǐ  shuō  guò  liǎng tiān  lái  kàn  wǒ
You said after two days come see me (You said you would come to see me after two days)

一 等 就是 一 年 多
Yī  děng  jiùshì  yī  nián  duō
Once waited was one year more ( I waited for more than a year)

三 百 六十 五 个 日子 不 好过
Sān  bǎi  liù shí  wǔ  gè  rìzi  bù hǎoguò
365 days not easy

你 心 里 根本 没 有 我
Nǐ  xīn lǐ  gēnběn  méi  yǒu  wǒ
You heart inside simply not have me (You simply don't have me in your heart)

*把 我的 爱情 还 给 我 >
*Bǎ  wǒde  àiqíng  huán  gěi  wǒ >
My love return to me (Return my love to me)
*把 : particle marking the following noun as a direct object.

Repeat [  ], < >, < >.

*Here's another post that has "把" sentences, I explained a little in the comment section:
(Too bad that the video is not public anymore and I could not get access to it.) 

Below is by a sweet girl Timi Zhuo, lyrics in simplified Chinese.

Practice writing: CLICK HERE and hit the brushes next to each character to see the stroke orders. Grab a piece of paper and write them down. 


13 Responses
  1. Bananazஇ Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Bananazஇ Says:

    把我的*金钱*还给我 We used to change the lyric of this song to '金钱' haha. Another Great song my Teresa Teng tQ

  3. Wow...Bananaz, you are always the first. I'm just going to send out emails for this post. I'm so grateful to have you. Thank you so much!

    That change is To those who don't know what "金钱" is, it means money, pronounce "jīn qián".

  4. Thanks Jeannie,
    I hadn't heard this 邓丽君 song before .
    very pleasant .
    He can't be a very good boyfriend if he treats her that way.

  5. James Oh Says:

    Thanks for sharing this classical love song with us. I love this song very much. The new face lift of your blog is very pleasing and lovely.
    Well done, Jeannie.

    Have a fulfilling day everyday,

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks, Jeannie. Song is hauntingly
    lovely. Brings back memories for this old guy. Naughty comments you have to delete? Grow up you fellas.

  7. Josue Says:

    Hi ,thank you for all the help you are offering me,this is very good
    way to learn your language .i like this song. it is very clear the pronunciation
    easy to fallow.i will learn it faster thank you very much (muchisimas grasias).
    love it...

  8. Thanks so much to all your nice comments. They are what keeps me going. I really appreciate it!

    @Sean, yea, it it was me, I would kick him

    @James, I'm glad that you love the song.

    @Anonymous, I like the word "hauntingly".

    @Josue, I'm glad that I could help.

  9. Nhan T. Tran Says:

    Hi, I like Chinese songs and your blog is just wonderful! I love your translation which helps readers understand the lyrics of Chinese songs. Keep it up! :-)

  10. Nhan, thanks for your comment! I'm glad that you feel my blog is helpful. I found your blog very interesting also.

  11. bagus Says:

    good song . never have i seen so much beautiful song like this one .so would you please give the other song that has been sung by teresa teng ,the title like, tian mi mi , ai de ni a he chu xun and so on .

  12. bagus Says:

    I like It, Thank's Jeannie

  13. Bagus, thanks for your comments. I will post your request as soon as I can.

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