* Chinese Love Song "爱的你呀何处寻" (Ai De Ni Ya Hechu Xun, Where to Find You My Love) by Teresa Teng

Song title: 
Ài De Nǐ Ya Héchù Xún  (Where to Find You My Love) 
愛的你呀何處尋- traditional Chinese 
爱的你呀何处寻 - simplified Chinese

This is a lovely song requested by my member Bagus.
Singer: 鄧麗君 (邓丽君, Dèng Lìjūn, Teresa Teng).

歌词, 简体 中文, 拼音 和 英文 翻译:
Gēcí, jiǎntǐ zhōngwén, pīnyīn hé yīngwén fānyì:
Lyrics in simplified characters, pinyin and English translations, the translations are done by the Chinese characters order so the grammar may not be proper:

我 爱 的 你 *呀 我 爱 的 你
Wǒ ài de nǐ *ya wǒ ài de nǐ  
I love of you  I love of you (You who I love)
*呀 is a particle used to express mild emphasis.

你 在 哪里 呀 在 哪里
Nǐ zài nǎlǐ ya zài nǎlǐ 
You at/in where at/in where (Where are you) 
Repeat 1.

往日 的 甜蜜 化为 一丝丝
Wǎngrì de tiánmì huàwéi yīsīsī  
Past of sweetness (the sweetness of the past) change into slightness

滴滴 重复 在 睡梦 里
Dīdī chóngfù zài shuìmèng lǐ 
Every detail repeats in dreams inside
Repeat 1. and 1.

我 回想 噢 我 叹息
Wǒ huíxiǎng o wǒ tànxī
I recall oh I sigh

噢 我 盼望 噢 又 着急
O wǒ pànwàng o yòu zhāojí 
Oh I hope oh also worry

旧时 的 欢乐 不再 来
Jiùshíde huānlè búzài lái
Old time of happiness (the happiness of old time) no longer comes

我 爱 的 你 呀 在 哪里
Wǒ ài de nǐ ya  zài nǎlǐ   
I love of you at/in where (where are you my love)

Repeat 1. and 1.

Repeat 3. 1. 1. and 1.

Here's a version with simplified Chinese also pinyin lyrics by a gentleman:

Here's another one with traditional Chinese lyrics by a pretty lady:

Practice writing: CLICK HERE and hit the brushes next to each character to see the stroke orders. Grab a piece of paper and write them down. 

So how do you like it? Please don't forget to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!


12 Responses
  1. Nhan Tran Says:

    I like the melody and love your translation. You should introduce and translate songs more often :-). I've added your blog to my blog roll (http://zisianthus.blogspot.com ) so that my friends can visit your blog. I hope you don't mind :).

  2. Hi Nhan, thanks a lot for your nice comment and added my blog to yours. I appreciate it! I wish I had more time to post. Thanks again for your support.

  3. Bananazஇ Says:

    Somehow cant resist the sweet and lovely voice of Teresa Teng she is simply the best. tQ

  4. bagus Says:

    I like all of the three songs , good Thanks Jeannie , thank a lot .

  5. Anonymous Says:

    beautiful love songs

  6. alip Says:

    i like that all

  7. I agree, Bananaz, she's simply the best.

    Thank you all for stopping by and comments, Bagus, Anonymous and Alip.

  8. Alip, are you a member in the Slank?

  9. James Oh Says:

    I have good news for you, Jeannie. I love all the three classic songs. Your songs bring me back to my good old days. Thank my dear friend for doing such a great favour for me. Have a lovely weekend.


  10. James, thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it! You are welcome and have a wonderful weekend too~

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Hi wonder if you or anybody know the artist(s) for these (Chinese?) instrumental songs circa 1987, I think, possibly called "The Hot Lover" here are samples of the songs.


    posted at asianload.com but no avail.

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